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USB Graphic Adapter (Multi-Monitor FAQs)

Why do I need a second monitor for my PC?
You’d be amazed at how much it simplifies your computing experience. It helps you organize your workspace and do more things at one time.
What do I need to add more monitors to my PC?
There are three ways to expand your view with Winstars Technology Ltd.:
1. USB Monitors:
for an all-in-one solution, a USB monitor is the easiest way to add an additional monitor to your PC in one product. Just plug in the USB monitor into any available USB port and you’re ready to enjoy the productivity benefits of multiple montiors.
2. USB Graphics Adapters:
if you already have an extra monitor collecting dust then you can put it to use with a USB graphics adapter. Simply connect the analog or digital connector of your existing monitor to the adapter, plug the USB cable into the adapter, and connect the USB cable to your computer. You will need one adapter for each additional monitor you wish to connect to your computer allowing you up to six USB displays – in addition to any you may already have!
3. USB Docking Station:
laptop users may want the extra features available in a USB docking station. In addition to USB graphics, USB docking stations include an extra array of peripherals that allow you to plug in your mouse, keyboard, printer, iPod, spakers, microphone, and just about any other USB device – including additional USB graphics adapters for even more screen space! All of this can be connected by just one USB cable to your notebook, making docking and undocking easy.

These USB graphics products are available from many major brands and can be found in the Winstars WebSite.
But I don’t do that many things at one time on my PC…
Again, you’d be surprised. If you’ve ever interrupted a photo slideshow to answer an email, or downloaded some software while creating a music playlist, you too qualify as a multitasker.