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USB Graphic Adapter(What ard the benefits and uses)?

Winstars Technology Ltd makes it very easy for anyone to connect up to six monitors to their desktop or laptop. But you ask, “How could using multiple displays make my life better?” Here we’ll show you the desks of some users just like yourself, who use multiple displays in their everyday lives to accomplish more and enjoy more.
 Home Business User   Socializer   Power Shopper   Photo Enthusiast 
 News Junkie   Power Searcher   ProBlogger   Entertainment Lover 
Home Business User
Working at home is about productivity in the comforts of your place. This home business person uses multiple monitors with financial planning software, instant messaging, and web based software to manage an online store, and communicate with customers and vendors.
News Junkie
The News Junkie can’t get enough news because he or she wants to know what is going on all over the world. This News Junkie likes to keep up with the major newspapers, the front page of Digg, and admittedly celebrity gossip, a guilty pleasure. Shhh! Don’t tell the boss.
Power Shopper
The Power Shopper has to constantly be in the know, especially during Fashion Week. Mulitple monitors enable s the fashion forward person to read the latest fashion scoops, watch video from the runways, and of course shop all at the same time. There’s no better way to accessorize your laptop than with two glossy 20” USB monitors.
Pro Blogger
Every Professional Blogger has at least a dozen windows open all at one time, and one screen is just not enough to accommodate all those windows. This Pro Blogger is creating a podcast in one monitor, scanning for news online on a second, and has their blog software open in the third monitor. How wonderful to be able to spread out when blogging.
Power Searcher
Google-topia would not be complete without the ability to have Google surround view which can only be done with multiple monitors. This Google fanatic is searching in one monitor, catching up on their iGoogle page in the second, and checking out the neighborhood with Google Earth on the third. Talk about Google heaven.
The Socializer is having fun all over the Internet. MySpace. Yes. Facebook. Yes. Twitter. Yes. Dating sites. Yes. With all this socializing and communicating using several IMs and emails, multiple monitors gives the social butterfly the ability to keep all their conversations in order. No need to, oops!, get your dates confused again.
Photo Enthusiast
The Photo enthusiast is a very visual person, so having the ability to have separate monitors to edit photos on one and then see the album grow on the other is like a dream come true. Of course, while working on the pictures, one must have their iTunes library playing to add to the experience.
Entertainment Lover
Is there such a thing as entertainment overload? Nothing that won’t hurt except killing some time. The quality of video over USB is quite stunning. This entertainment lover is catching up with their favorite TV show while playing an easy game like Solitaire, and keeping tabs on the U.S. Open. Who knew that you could multi-task your fun.